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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Minute by Minute

The second volume of the Yarnival is up and running - go check it out.

Here we have the newest work in progress - Swiss Miss' pink monkey.
Ignore the ugly pink top-stitching, it will be covered over with some lovely handwork tomorrow or Friday. I still need to knit up some i-cord arms, legs and a tail before I stitch her all together. I also have another chicken that I need to make for Mom and Sis' new kitchen. Lots to do this weekend, AND my husband is leaving me home alone with the munchikins for 6 days *sigh*. He's helping his cousin pack and move back home from the deep south. I'll miss him, he leaves on Saturday.


Anonymous gagum said...

the little one is gonna love her monkey!!!!

3:46 PM  

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