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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pink Cadillac

What a beautiful day!
We went to visit Auntie Cupcake today to celebrate a belated happy birthday with her. We went bearing gifts - these! A custom made button flower bracelet and brooch. She also got some needle felting basics and some yummy spice cake. I got the idea for the bracelet months ago on a Whip Up post, I think, I just can't remember what blog it was on or I would give original credit :(

I wish my camera had been better behaved today. I apologize for the blurry shots, but I couldn't get a good shot for nuts! This gives you a better idea of what the bracelet looks like when worn.

This is the coordinating brooch. I've had the materials picked out since before she came back up north and I'm SO glad she liked them ;)

The Bean lost her first tooth today! It has been "the wobbly tooth" for some time now. She and the Hubby and the Grumble picked pears today and she was munching on one as we headed over for the visit with Auntie Cupcake and Voila! No more wobbly tooth!

So...the Tooth Fairy is leaving this little goody, full of coins under her pillow tonight :) Hopefully the TF will have a whole series of these as the Bean loses all her baby teeth! An someday the Grumble too.

Can you tell that its an upside down tooth?


Anonymous Auntie Kate said...

It is definitely an upside-down tooth. I saw it and was again impressed by how creative you are. It's very sweet. And that photo! What a huge smile. :D

12:29 AM  

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