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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Give Me My Money Back

Introducing Chicken Agnes!

I think I got the body shape much closer to what I want with this one. I still need to work on the head shape and the tail "feathers" but the body and wings seem right to me. We've solved the problem of not being able to provide stick legs, like in The Bean's drawing.

Chicken Agnes is a 2.0 version with buttons on her bottom. The Bean says she is OK with the buttons, "Its like when chickens sit in their nests and tuck their legs all up under."

Yes Bean, just like that.

I've also been kicking this around in my head since the Project Runway repeats this summer when we had free cable. It's a Poncho from Jay McCarroll - S1 winner. I bought yarn to make it today....we'll see.
I also finished another ipod scarf for Left Click and started a third - whee!


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