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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Stitch in Time

Here are some shots of the fabric that I have gotten from Lori and mixed in there are the bits from cupcake. Can you believe this stuff - I didn't have ANY of this stuff three days ago!

Whoever in Lori's family this stuff comes from must have been a seamstress or someone who mass produced clothing.

Most of these scraps have the funny shape of fabric cut from between pattern pieces. They're still big enough for quilting or for stuffies or dolls.

I can't get over the fact that I have about double this still to get from Lori! WHoo Hoo!

I did a bit of rearrangeing in the workshop today to accomodate all the new stuff. I have this greta little desk that my Mom gave me and I cleaned it out and moved it to a new spot to store the fabric. Yay, Me!

Mom. Don't we have a picture of Uncles A and M wearing shirts made from this fabric! I swear we do.


Anonymous gagum said...

yes, i believe you are right!! i know exactly which picture you mean. of course, with the move, i don't think i could put my hands on it at the moment. anyway, as always, you amaze and surprise me. by the way, love, love, love!!!!...the poncho shot:)
see you soon,

8:21 AM  

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