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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Wheel in the Sky

We took the munchikins to the 149th annual town fair on Saturday night. Damn! Those things are expensive!?! A buck a ticket and 4 tickets per person for the ferris wheel! Thankfully The Hubby is afraid of heights so we had a few tickets left for the munchikins to go on the carosel - no good pics of that though :(

Can you see us? This was the first ride of the night - the Super Giant Slide - again, no Hubby. Who knew a 31 year old woman could have so much fun on a stupid slide :) The munchikins say that the ferris wheel was their favorite because it lasted the longest - boy did it. By the way, I prefer ferris to farris, I like the idea of a large iron wheel - ha!

This is what you get when the rides are done and you mention that two munchikins can, maybe, have some cotton candy - Uncontrolled bounding.

Mid - sugar rush. Now remember folks, if you give your kids cotton candy, and you let them lick it, don't attempt to hold the shriveled pods of fluff on the car ride home with the thought that you will save yourself the icky job of cleaning up the backseat when you get home. Those things will drip on you! EW! Digestive action at work, double ew!


Anonymous Kate said...

Also, don't allow yourself love for you children to make you hold hands with your kids in thsi situation. The sugar is super sticky, and you will be feeling it in the steering wheel of the car for months!

You have some great photos!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous gagum said...

o'kay, so tuesday nite was so much fun you forgot to mention the excitement of saturday? what else haven't you told me? just kidding:) tuesday with gramcracker was side splitting at times, cinnascum aside. i love you baby and so glad you have your munchikins. thanks for being my tootsie!!

3:45 PM  

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