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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ghost in the Machine

Meet the Garage Ghosts

The munchikins decided that putting these boxes on their heads made them ghosts. And since the boxes came from the garage - that made them garage ghosts.

Apparently, even when I am this close, I "can't" see them. Uh, huh.

This is the Bean's newest book. Its about a dog named Sprout - and she wants a stuffie to match. Thats my girl :)


Anonymous Mandy said...

I love the boxes. My bubba sits on the couch, covers himself with the blanket, then loudly shouts, "MOM CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Because of course I can't hear him if I can't see him....

7:37 PM  
Anonymous gagum said...

the "ghosts" seem to have a groove goin with the 2nd pic. i'm thinkin togbean and the pips?? you are all too much!!
love ya,

8:23 AM  

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