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Sunday, October 15, 2006

C'est l'Amour

So, Marti wants a Chicken Edith. She chose fabric, I sketched it up.

I cut, sewed, cut and sewed some more, chose some buttons and bought a bag of polyfil (cuz I was out). Now the fun of bringing the chicken to life happens - hee hee ;P

I'm also working on a couple of Kitchen Chickens for my Mom and Sis' kitchen, I chose the fabric, now I get to play with combinations. Wheeeee

The munchikins went caching with the Hubby yesterday 10am - 8pm, hungry, cold kiddos at the end of the day - but happy and well behaved :)


Blogger Marti said...

AHHHHH! (that would be a delighted scream of excitement). Chicken Edith looks AWESOME! Is it healthy to be this dispropotionately excited about a stuffed chicken? Hmmm, uh, yeah, don't care. Too excited. Togbean, you rule!

8:01 PM  

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