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Monday, August 21, 2006

Candle on the Water

It POURED last night. Just after sunset we had some wicked thunderstorms roll through and about an hour of biblical deluge rains. Just as we sat down for a late dinner the rains and wind let up and *snick* the power went out. I say "snick" because its not a bang or a thump its just sort of like a switch being turned off, startling but no shock. Dug out some candles, found one our hurricane lamps that still had oil in it, and sat back down to finish dinner. The Bean was freaked out that we'd never have electricity again and it took a bit to settle her down and wipe away the crocodile tears. Popped the munchikins into some jammies and read some Raggedy Ann and Andy by flashlight. With Bean and Grumble tucked in for the night the Hubby and I settled in for a quiet night on the couch, he read with his miners head lamp - gotta love LEDs - and I settled in for some knitting, duh. I started by attempting to weave in the ends of the 12x12 in block but gave up and just worked on Sarah's piece.
Strange how much time you seem to have when you have no available technology! The Hubby and I mused on how much money we would save and how much more quality time we would have as a family if we just "lost" power one night a week. Something to think about.


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