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Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's the Saturday Night Special

What do you do on a Saturday night when there's nothing good on Tv? You sit down to watch netflix movies, that's what. You watch Bruce Almighty and get a kick out of Steve Carell making nonsensical noises and shrug at Jim Carrey's usual schtick. You watch The Aviator and shake your head at just how weird Howard Hughes really was and try to decide if Leonardo DiCaprio is attractive or just a little too creepy to be attractive. In the midst of all this movie goodness - which we do at home because we can't afford to do it at the theatres, tickets, snacks, bbsitter...blah, blah, blah - you freak out because you haven't finished the birthday present for your friend's son's birthday party tomorrow and you need a good 6 hours for all the stuffing, buttons, and hand stitching that needs to be done. So, I ask, who needs sleep when cute dolls can be made.
I used this book as a reference, it belonged to my Nanny - see the inscription. Yep, that says 1941 :) I really had fun with these - even if I did feel a bit rushed, all my own doing of course - I've been toying (pun intented) with the idea of making dolls since I started making the Knitted Babes back in January. This idea has been bolstered by my fun with the Wee Wonderfuls stuffies and encouragement from friends and family. I need to play around with design a bit and come up with something that is uniquely mine. I'm just not comfortable selling items that are recognizable as someone else's design.
In other news I have finished the 12x12 in square for one of the super secret noho group blankets and am halfway finished with the 10x10 in. I am almost finished with the bit to be felted for my friend Sarah's back-to-school surprise. I now have a monkey to make for the little sister of the Raggedy Ann and Andy birthday boy, Grumble and Bean's socks, sleeves for the Bean's stash sweater - picked up sz8 dpns the other day, and I need to finish up the toolbox purse. Hmmmm I think its time to make another list, I always feel better when I can actually, physically cross things off.


Anonymous Kari said...

To creepy looking to be cute!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous gagum said...

they are just adorable!!!! again, i continue to be amazed at your creativity and tenacity. i heard the party was boisterous and the kids had a great time.
miss and love you,

9:17 AM  
Blogger Marti said...

These dolls are really are extraordinarily creative. Tip 'o the hat to you. Thanks again for the nice comments on my blog!

5:00 PM  

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