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Thursday, August 17, 2006

People Are Strange

I always thought my band would be called Rainbow Tiger-eyed Unicorns. Huh.

Togbean Munchikins Mom's Aliases

Your movie star name: Apples In Vinaigrette Alfred

Your fashion designer name is Togbean Prague

Your socialite name is Burlap Hot-lanta

Your fly girl / guy name is T Mom

Your detective name is Meerkats Wahconah

Your barfly name is Summer Pickles Cider

Your soap opera name is Munchikins Richmond

Your rock star name is Rolos Cheetah

Your Star Wars name is Togdag Momkev

Your punk rock band name is The Tired Apple Corer

Apparently I'm also The Hermit - if I was a Tarot card, The Brainy Geek - what I was in high school, The Chimera - if I was a creature from Greek Myth, gummie bears - if I were candy. Apparently I should also have the following bumper sticker on both my cars:
Buckle up - it makes it harder for aliens to suck you out of your car

Hmmmm late night fun with Blogthings
Too much coffee at knitting group. errrrgh - gotta clean tomorrow...Cupcake is coming to visit :)


Anonymous gagum said...

"people are strange, when you're a stranger.
faces look ugly when you're alone."

i can't say why these lyrics came into my head when i read of your newest revelations. had to share just the same..........

9:03 AM  
Blogger togbean said...

That is exactly what I was thinking when I posted.
Love ya Mom

10:30 AM  
Anonymous The Hubby said...

Mine trumps yours.
Black Laquer Jaguar

10:34 AM  

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