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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Go Ask Alice

This is one of the gifts for the Grumble to celebrate her fourth birthday. It is another version of the wee wonderfuls stuffies. I still have a bear to make to complete the trifecta but I have plenty else on my plate for now.She's still not quite done. You can see all the little pinheads that are holding all the "extras" on. The collar, belt, shoes, eyes , and nose are to be stitched on tonight - after the girls have FINALLY gone to sleep......

I also made her a cardi - like I did with Esmerelda. Only this time instead of adding colorwork I tapered the pattern into more of an a-line shape, made it a bit longer and only gave it one button. The top picture is closer to the true colors.

I can't wait to see her hug the bunny!


Anonymous gagum said...

toooo cute!!!!! she's going to be overwhelmed with all the beautiful new "dollies" her mama has made for her fourth birthday celebration.

8:54 AM  

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