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Friday, January 26, 2007

Same Rock'n'Roll to Me

Its Merb Time again!
What is it with winter and these little mermaid dolls?!? My BIL runs a small production company and has comissioned 4(possibly 5) Merbs for a video for a client. This is the yarn for the "scandinavian" merb.

He's working on an underwater club scene kinda vibe so I'm making a variety of ethnicities to fill in the scene. This is the yarn for the "asian" merb.

All the dolls will have pipe cleaners in the arms so they are posable and a wire "backbone" so the bodies are also poseable. Eventually they will be filmed dancing in the club, it should be pretty funny - to me anyway, dancing merbs, Hah! This is the yarn for the redhead merb.

DId I mention the Narwhale? The whole point of the thing is to have a narwahle show up at the end - so the party can really get going. This will eventually be a unicorn of the sea.

Of course we also have a lovely latina merb in the works. This is my yarn selection for her - I'm thinking of throwing a few highlights into her hair, Miami Beach style, we'll see.

This is Ms. Latina merb in progress. She's actually done and stuffed at this point - no photos of that yet. I may also have an african beauty to knit up and I have the task of making multiple eyes for each merb. Not so they look like aliens but so they can change expressions. More updates to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are going to be interesting to see. I'll be checking back soon.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Marti said...

A herd of merbs.

11:34 AM  

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