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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Butterfly Kisses

This past Sunday The Bean became an "offical" Daisy Girl Scout.
She had an investiture ceremony with her troop where she was welcomed to the Girl Scouts and given her first GS pin. We shared the evening with one of the local brownie troops.

Both of the ceremonies took less than 5 minutes - something the Hubby carefully noted because we had to wait twice as long for things to begin than we did for the actual events.

There was a special cake for each of the troops and the parents brought potluck dishes for the meal. The Grumble had her eyes on the cakes from the moment we walked in and everyone was waiting for her to snag a finger full of frosting when no one was looking. Thankfully she was a good girl and waited till after the meal but she told us she was going to have a piece of both when it was her turn.

The Bean was handed a daisy after she was pinned and asked in all seriousness, "Is it fake?" Her troop leader Brigette is great, " Yes, sweetie so you'll have it forever." My Mom, Dad and Step-Mom all came out to share in the evening and we had a fairly nice meal - some good potluck to be had in this here town - and we waited for all the Girl Scout to finish their meals before they blew out the candles and we could all have cake.

The grown-ups sat at the table and talked a bit as we waited for the girls to get their slices of cake. The Grumble got her two. I haven't seen my Dad laugh that herd in a while :)

Hopefully we'll have just as much fun next year as the Grumble becomes a Daisy and the Bean a Brownie.


Blogger Marti said...

I was a Brownie as a young'un, working my way up to being a Girl Guide (I was only in it for the cookies to be totally honest). When we moved to a new town, I joined a new troop where you had to bring a quarter to each weekly meeting for some sort of charitable donation. I kept forgetting my quarter and when my debt got up to a grand total of $1.75, (Canadian mind you) I quit going. Shameful. The Bean makes a lovely daisy! Congrats.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Gagum said...

Thouroughly enjoyable evening spent with family!!! I don't know which child I enjoyed more. My "sweetheart", high on excitement about her pinning ceremony or my "little mouse", trying her best to suppress her high energy! Of course, your Dad's amusement was such a plus. He truly does enjoy being a Grandpa.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a Girl Scout for a couple of years and loved it. Unfortunately we moved away & the new place didn't have Girl Scouts but they had Blue Birds ... but my Mom was told there was no room for me. I was really disappointed too. I was age 12.

The Bean does make a cute daisy!

10:28 AM  
Blogger nornspinner said...

Hello!! long time no blog, eh??? Well, I do need to hear your final decision about what you want to teach. I have you down for knitting Sat 1-2 and sun 2-3. Is that ok? How about some sort of really basic intro to knitting Sat and then something else - knitting in the round maybe or entrelac, or you decide on Sunday.
Let me know (soon!) at

9:18 PM  

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