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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Down in the Meadow

OK, two more flea market finds, lilac twin fitted sheet $1.00 and 5 1/2yds of a great plaid, also $1.00. I think this will become the munchies holiday outfits :)
I just got back in the house from grocery shopping - NO KIDS!! HA! AS I pulled into the yard I noticed something weird beside the garage - it was a bunny!

He waited till I got out of the car to run around the front of the house. I followed him but didn't see him again. AS I turned to go back to the car and unload the groceries I passed through this:

And saw this!

Tree Frog!


Anonymous On E Jo said...

Hmmmmmmmmm....I wonder if it speaks with a Cockney accent! You know,like the Geco (or the uncle)!!! Love Ya

1:52 PM  

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