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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

The munchikins made aeroplanes today. They got to bang away in the garage with scrap wood, real nails and real hammers. They were thrilled. The Bean's is actully plane shaped with a rudder wings and a cockpit on a solid fuselage. The Grumble is two crossed bits on a long pole. Because of the way she assembled it the crossed bit swing around on the end of their long "handle". It strikes me as odd that today they are interested in airplanes. I have to wonder how much of the insane media coverage of the 5 year anniversary of 9/11 has sunk into their brains. The Hubby and I regularly watch the news and listen to NPR, though we are careful to monitor what we see/hear when the munchies are about. I watched an 18 year old freshman from Hofstra Univ. last night on C-Span (Hofstra being the college the Hubby and I attended) and she said something that made me sit up. She said it was just history for her, something in a textbook. She had grown up in Rhode Island and she never saw that it had any impact on her life. Airports changing their security proceedures weekly and Homeland Security notching up the alert level weren't things that seemed out of the ordinary for her. I hope that my children will be more world aware at 13 than this girl was but I also can't help but feel that her parents muct have wanted to protect her from those horrors.
OK OK enough. The media has over-reminded everyone already.
Happier thoughts.

The Bean has a seriously wobbly tooth. I am making a tooth pouch out of this tonight for her. I'll probably Felt it and do some embroidery. I expect the tooth fairy will be visiting our little yellow house very soon. Oh, OH! I'll also have to post pics tomorrow of the great stuff that we got at the flea market today - I am a very happy lady!

Aw! Shit! I burned the cookies :( Goodthing there are more in the freezer :)
Oh and I'll be adding the button band and collar to the A-a-ahcrylic stash sweater tonight - pics on the morrow!


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