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Monday, November 20, 2006


Funny how stuff always happens in groups. Lions hunting, girls going to the bathroom, celebrities dying and people asking me for Merbs. Now, I only came up with the things 8 months ago but this would be the 4th wave of people asking me to make one or asking me for the pattern. I had one lovely lady asking for the pattern this week and my Mother in Law asking for one for a distant family member and then my brother in law asked for four and one of these:
Yup, its a Narwhal. It's for a project over at Minty Fresh but I won't be getting to it until after the turn of the year. S'alright, I already have the perfect yarn :)


Anonymous bearandbug said...

At first I thought the title hinted at the old and great Fleetwood Mac song..."just say that you want me!" Well, everyone wants a merb! I'd go so far as to say, NEEDS a merb...and a Narwhal, forget it! Those things will be incredible. The unicorns of the sea and a merb to ride them gracefully into the hearts of their owners. You go girl!

12:57 PM  
Blogger Marti said...

That reminds me...can I have a Merb? (jk...but it does remind me that I should knit my should really copyright the pattern).

6:21 PM  

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