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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sock It To Me

One sock down, 3/4 left to go. Considering that the Grumble has spent most of the last six months purposefully wearing mismatched socks, I'm not too concerned about these not matching. The Bean has made it clear that she needs hers to be matching, "I'm even going to count the stripes Momma."
These are the assembled materials for Sarah's back to school gift. Tomorrow is her last day running the Children's Department at the local Mega bookstore. I know the munchikins will miss storytime with her and our work schedules just won't overlap anymore. I'll miss seeing her when I work. I hope to have this little ditty done by the time I go in tomorow, we'll see. I have a parent teacher meeting with Grumble's preschool teachers tomorrow - she's been out all summer. She's SO excited - she'll be wearing her new pink and brown striped dress, "Yah. Da one wiff da hood and da pockits vat meet in da middle."


Anonymous Auntie Kate said...

The Girls are so delightful. In fact, they're currently the background on my laptop. :)

12:36 AM  

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