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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pillow Talk

I can't seem to keep the Bean in her dress long enough to get a pic but here is the Grumble. The Bean's is pale blue and has a green trim ribbon and side patch pockets. The solemn face is because I just cut a nice hank of hair near her left ear to get gum out of it. Hmmmm, no more gum on a car ride where I think she might fall asleep and let the gum drop into her hair where it will be forgotten and turn into the quickest dredlock you have ever seen. Yeah, no more of that.


Blogger Marti said...

That is a priceless face...very cute dress BTW. Thanks for the comments on my blog regarding the Hello Kitty bag. I am very flattered that the Grumble liked it enough to request one...I feel she has good taste! *wink*
Looking forward to seeing your babes too.

4:10 PM  

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