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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And on, and on, and on...

So, this is where I take a moment to write down and really think about ALL the projects I have stacked up for myself. Here we go with the list:
tank for the bean (3/4 done)
tank for the grumble - at least I have all the yarn, Thanks Becca!
blue shrug for the bean(1/4 sleeve done)
bean's merb(tail section done)
grumble's cinderella doll with all the trimmings
mushroom birthday purse for unnamed friend(pieces are done, needs to be assembled, felted and embroidered)
messenger bag for Sarah
geometric square shawl for Erin(1/2 done)

That's just the knitting folks!

Pillow case dresses for the munchikins - picked up a bunch at Sally's last nite
(The Salvation Army)you can't beat $.69! - 2 down, 2 to go
Sarah Punk-Rock Sock Monkey (cut out and ready to sew)Done and posted at Craftster - Look for Sara Lee Monkey
Two new summer bedspreads for the girls
2 new pillow covers for Anne - DONE
sewing up the embroidered pillow I made (this is on hold until we get the new couch and I can match the backing fabric)

This is what's on the workboard - as it were
Stuff I'd like to get to work on?

* remaking Dad's X-mas stocking that Grandma made for him, it's hermetically sealed and packed away at this point to preserve it from any more moth and weather damage.
* 2 new tops for me from fabric that my sis bought for me 4 years ago!
* babay quilt for April's upcoming #3
* sweater set for the husband's counsin's new daughter (I'm NOT doing seed stitch again!)
* two or more embroidered pillows to go with the impending new couch

Maybe I should stop blogging and get to work!


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