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Monday, April 17, 2006

Coffee in Bed

Sunday is traditionally my ONLY day to sleep in. Every other day of the week I'm either bundling the kids off to school or myself off to work. But considering that it was a holiday and we were going to spend time with ALL the family, I actually got up and went to the kitchen to get my morning cup 'o joe instead of lying abed until my husband tempted me out from under the covers with a steaming cup held just out of reach. Yep, he's a tease. Dressed us, dressed the girls, packed the bags and we were off. A morning with my Mom, Sis and her fam, and one of my Mom's longtime friends and her fam. Ahhh Mimosas. Whoever thought drinking in the morning could be so good :)
Packed up in the afternoon and headed off to my hubby's home base, all the brothers and future sister-in-laws were there with Mom and Dad. We headed up to Wahconah Falls for a great hike on a beautiful day! Great views of the reservoir and the falls were in picture perfect form.

On the way back down we did a cache (check out - think high tech treasure hunting), that's where the girls are pictured above, and headed back to the house for yum yums and naps :)
Rounded out the evening at my Dad and Step-Monster's place for a karaoke concert from the girls (Dad, you should just take the batteries out of that thing!), and drove home tired but happy. This was a good visit with family and we got to see just about everyone. All in all a great day.


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